MSDWT Manuscript 1.0.3pc
1996 Steven L. Wood

MSDWT Manuscript is a slant print manuscript handwriting font. It
includes the basic upper and lower case alphabet as it's taught in many
schools, and a few special characters. I use this font for
"handwriting" and spelling papers for my students. It comes from an
old handwriting packet I've had for years from a school corporation
I used to work for in Indianapolis. I scanned it into the computer and
used Fontographer 4.1 to autotrace and fine-tune it. This 1.0.3pc
release reflects some minor changes in letter shape and spacing.
As I have time, I hope to continue to improve the font.

This posting is of the Windows TrueType version.

This font is shareware/charityware. If you keep and use this font,
please register it using the enclosed Register program.
You may email your registration to:
or mail it to them at:

1442-A Walnut Street #392-SL
Berkeley, CA 94709-1405

Single user licenses: $5
Site license (25 or more licenses): $100
World-Wide license (50 or more licenses) $200

All registration fees for MSDWT Manuscript are sent by Kagi Shareware
directly to:

Light of the World Ministries, Inc.
407 North Fulton Street
Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46202

I have a brother on the mission field in Kenya who is funded by this

The latest version of MSDWT Manuscript is posted to my website at:

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updated 6/15/2000