Dan Roseman
P.O. Box 806
Highland Park, IL.

Baum ------ Release Date - 3/31/96

Thank you for taking interest and downloading my font! Baum is a three dimensional stencil like font. It consists of all caps and numbers and is used mainly for drop caps and headers – it's a fun font!
I originally released this font as a demo without the vowels. Though, I finally broke down and decided to share it all with the world.
Thus, if you like this font, all I ask for is a mere postcard. It could say where you live, where you got this font from, or even what you did last Saturday night! It really doesn't matter – just as long as you drop me some kind of line. For those of you that create newsletters or magazines, I'd love to read them! In any case, enjoy.

-- Dan

P.S. Don't forget to send your postcard!